Flexible protective packaging and equipment insulation
We insulate your machinery perfectly & individually

Insulation for equipment manufacturing and safe packaging

Our individually-manufactured insulations dampen the sound and vibration of your machines and equipment, insulate thermal/cold losses and can make a major contribution to fire protection.

Our satisfied customers include companies in the fields of mechanical engineering, the packaging industry, heating, air conditioning, ventilation, household appliances and medical technology.

Our wide range of products enables us to offer the right solution for any acoustic or thermal problem. Specially impregnated foams which are insensitive to acids or resistant to lubricating oils, thermally bonded nonwovens that have a water-repellent effect, felt coatings or drains: whatever your small- or large-scale requirements... we have the right solution!

We also offer precisely fitting foam mouldings for the packaging industry to protect your products. 


Our comprehensive range of materials is available in various designs with a wide variety of coatings and naturally meets all the usual market fire protection requirements as well as all current standards in the areas of sound insulation and thermal/cold insulation:

“Do you want to protect your product better or to optimise it thermally/acoustically, and do you need support from insulation professionals? Then make use of our expertise!”

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